About us

Artemis Design is a wholesale company that deals in the trade & importing of packaging and decorative supplies for the baking and confectionery field.

Her founder Panagiotis Kottis, a man with a 20-year experience in the confectionery business established Artemis Design in 2006, and his primary goal the professional and excellent care of her customers.

The understanding of the market’s needs along with our belief for consistency to all our customers, is what makes Artemis Design a leading and diverse company from all the competition. With our high-quality products at the best competitive prices, we have created an excellent relationship with our customers which we are very proud of. All the above combined with hard work has led to our cooperation and exclusivity with major foreign companies.

Trying to meet the ever-increasing demands of the times, we keep expanding our product range with new items so we can continue offering our best services at a more intense pace, always committed to our primary goals which involve our professional and excellent customer care and with absolute respect for the needs of our customers and their satisfaction.

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